Boomers Improve Health With Better Sleep

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Boomers Improve Health With Better Sleep


Eating right, exercising, and eliminating unhealthy habits are some of the basic tools to achieving optimum health at any age. Often overlooked, however, is how quality of sleep affects your well-being.

Since comfort in your designated sleeping space is directly linked to sleep quality, taking steps to improve your comfort can help you sleep better and enjoy a better quality of life.

As a Windsong homeowner, you have already taken one of the biggest steps toward comfort – in sleep or during waking hours. Because Windsong designs and builds homes with the Active Adult in mind, your comfort has already been addressed in terms of accessibility, window placement, insulation and thermostat for optimum temperature control, and more. And each Windsong home alleviates the stress of yard maintenance, so you are free to pursue activities you enjoy.

National Sleep Comfort Month is observed each November, giving us the perfect time to review the National Sleep Foundation’s tips to “use your senses” in creating the optimal sleep environment:


Taste: consuming a light snack before bed may help you sleep better, especially if you choose carbohydrates (bread or crackers) with a piece of turkey, egg, chicken, fish, or nuts (which contain tryptophan). NSF recommends avoiding alcohol, caffeine, protein-rich foods, or large meals in the hour or so before you want to sleep.

Smell: NSF suggests certain smells encourage deeper, more relaxed (comfortable) sleep. One study found that lavender may decrease heart rate and blood pressure, and promote deep sleep. Eliminating dust, mold, and other allergens also encourages better sleep.

Hearing: A quiet bedroom becomes a sanctuary for comfortable sleep. Even seemingly insignificant noise, such as the television or radio, filters into your subconscious while you sleep, affecting your heart rate and blood pressure. If you find you are susceptible to sleep disturbances, a “white noise” machine may help filter out background sounds that disrupt your slumber.

Sight: If your bedroom window faces east, you’ll often find yourself waking with the sunrise. But even seemingly insignifcant light sources can affect your sleep. Those tiny lights on your electronics aren’t as easily ignored as you think they are. And watching television or staring at the computer in the hour or so before bed can negatively affect your ability to fall asleep easily.

Touch: Sleep experts report that 65 degrees is the temperature at which we sleep best. A cool room, combined with a mattress, pillow, and sheets that are most comfortable to you will help you achieve and maintain better sleep.


The National Sleep Foundation’s home page reads, “Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the stresses of the day...” At Windsong, we listen to our homeowners to design the homes – and bedrooms – that meet their needs in terms of style and comfort. All you need to do is add the furniture and décor elements that complete your “sleep sanctuary.”

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