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Poetry of Home for Active Adults

Posted On: April, 4, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

How brightly in the springtime sun

The plants in the courtyard play

While potted plants upon the porch

Greet neighbors every day.


That sunshine illuminates the place

From whence I need not roam

This luxurious and spacious nest

I’ve chosen as my home.

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Builder Partnerships Names Windsong Properties as the Annual Winner of the Lee Evans Award for Management Excellence

Posted On: March, 30, 2018 | Categories: Awards | News


This month, Carrie Roeger accepted the Lee Evans Award for Management Excellence on behalf of Windsong Properties at the Builder Partnerships Executive Summit Award Banquet in Breckenridge, Colorado. The prestigious Lee Evans Award is given annually to one builder who displays exceptionally sound management principles and reflects the high standards that builders are encouraged to reach.

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Active Adult Living Designed Grace-fully

Posted On: March, 23, 2018 | Categories: Communities

Twenty years ago, architect Sarah Susanka launched her book, The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live, which encourages quality of life over quantity of square feet, floorplans that boast spaces that we use every day, and living spaces that reflect the lifestyle and interests of their owners.

Susanka’s Not So Big concept is particularly applicable to Active Adults, whose desire to downsize (at Windsong, we prefer to call it rightsizing), placing an emphasis on lifestyle, surrounding oneself with the things that bring joy, and using the spaces daily instead of just for special occasions.

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Windsong Properties Wins a 2018 Builder Partnership's Builder of Choice™ Award

Posted On: March, 20, 2018 | Categories: Awards

Metro Atlanta’s active adult homebuilder, Windsong Properties, won the Builder of Choice™ Award, presented at the Builder Partnerships Executive Summit Award Banquet in Breckenridge, Colorado on March 7. This prestigious award recognizes builders that establish excellence in management and relationships with trade contractors, vendors, and suppliers in their local markets.

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2017 Top Achievers

Posted On: March, 19, 2018 | Categories: Awards

Windsong Properties would like to congratulate one of our own. This past Thursday, Holly Leggett won Gold at the Cherokee Association of Realtors, 2017 Top Achievers Awards Banquet. This great organization recognizes top achievers in new homes sales and resales, and we appreciate Holly consistently representing Windsong as a Top Achiever in the industry! Congratulations Holly!

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Boomers and the “Boundless Universe”

Posted On: March, 16, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the world lost renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, who defied the odds and survived more than 50 years after being diagnosed with ALS (“Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Throughout his lifetime, he researched and presented theories that have changed the way we think about our world and the universe, and his personal life taught us not to believe in “limits.”

In honor of his life’s work, and the Boundless Universe theory in particular, we would like to suggest a theory of a Boundless Boomer, or experiencing life to its fullest at a time when “limits” are the perceived norm.

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Ready, Set… Grow! Garden Tips for Active Adults

Posted On: March, 8, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

Is it Spring? The temperature sure felt like it yesterday, but today you’re wearing a scarf and heavy coat again. That’s March in Georgia!

Nurseries and garden centers have begun to stock plants that were grown in Florida, or in greenhouses throughout the Southeast, but that does not mean it’s time to plant outdoors just yet.

Windsong communities are located in Planting Zone 7b, which means we have a full month before the risk of frost is over. Plant tender flowers and vegetables now, and you’ll have to replace them after a couple of chilly nights.

If you just can’t wait to start puttering in the courtyard garden, or preparing your containers for the warmer weather, consider these tips from Georgia’s master gardeners:

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Top 25 Atlanta Homebuilder, Windsong Properties, Celebrates 15 Years of Thriving Business & Growth

Posted On: March, 6, 2018 | Categories: News

Windsong Properties designs and builds homes that fit the preferences and desires of its residents who are active older adults. Co-owners Mark Carruth and Steve Romeyn founded the company based on the idea that downsizing, moving, or transitioning from a family home to your next home should be an enjoyable and exciting experience, focusing on improving the homeowner’s quality of life.  As active adults themselves, the co-founders share more than three decades of building experience and a personal understanding of active adult homebuying needs and are considered industry leaders in this market segment.

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Challenges of Boomer-Caregivers

Posted On: March, 1, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

More than 65 million Americans are caregivers, according to a 2017 article in Forbes magazine, with nearly 1 in 10 caregivers over the age of 75. Many of these individuals are managing the care of a parent whose health or independence has deteriorated, in addition to managing a career, relationship, and children of their own.

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Boomers More Than Spectators In Olympic Sports

Posted On: February, 22, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

With the Winter Olympics airing from South Korea, Americans have been glued to their televisions, cheering for world-class figure skaters, bobsled teams, skiers, snowboarders, hockey teams, and more (including some obscure events that we only hear about during the Olympic Games).

When it comes to Olympics-style sporting events, Boomers are not relegated to the armchair with a TV remote in hand. In June, 2019, senior adult athletes (ages 50 and over) will gather in Albuquerque, NM, for the National Senior Games Association’s biannual competition.

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