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“Once In A Blue Moon” for Boomers

Posted On: February, 1, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

We’ve all heard the expression, “once in a blue moon,” which refers to something that is noteworthy because it happens so rarely.

At Windsong, we recognize that finding the perfect house to Right-Size your Active Adult Lifestyle is that “once in a blue moon” event in your life. So, in honor of the auspicious Full-Super-Blue-Blood Moon that occurred this week, your January Poem is inspired by the Blue Moon:

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Active Adults Plan Spring Break Getaways

Posted On: January, 30, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

With the holidays behind us, have you given thought to where you will travel for Spring Break?

Forget about the traditional college co-ed party-on-the-beach Spring Break; Active Adults have been there, done that. There are plenty of destinations that will exhilarate, rejuvenate, or just put a smile on your face, that are nowhere near the loud music, traffic, and tanning-lotion-scented coastlines this Spring.

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Active Adults Optimize Life with Organization

Posted On: January, 24, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

Now that you’ve moved into your Windsong home, chances are you’ve discovered that there are things you might need to part with, or at least figure out what to do with, in your new space.

Before you unpack those boxes, or stash them in the attic, consider these tips from a local Certified Professional Organizer:

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Boomer Benefits & Social Security

Posted On: January, 16, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

Chances are, when you started working your first part-time job, you gave little thought to Social Security, other than grimacing about the amount deducted from each paycheck.

As you progressed through your career, Social Security likely didn’t become any more clear, except that maybe you thought you’d see that money when you turned 65 or so

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Boomers Resolve To Live Happy & Healthy

Posted On: January, 2, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

When the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2018, did you celebrate the New Year, or dread the thought of making resolutions for exercise, weight loss, or other lofty changes to your life?

Having redefined nearly every aspect of their lives, Baby Boomers have the right to make (or not) resolutions that are attainable, achievable, and enjoyable, and which will have a positive impact on their lives today and throughout the year.


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Windsong Wonderland

Posted On: December, 27, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

Doorbells ring

and you’re greeting

All the friends

you’ve been meeting

A beautiful sight

The courtyard at night

Living in your Windsong Wonderland.

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Active Adults: Get Ready to READ!

Posted On: December, 15, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

If you’ve never been part of a book club, your idea of the gathering may include a room full of intellectuals who discuss the obscure meanings of a tome from metaphors to word choice. The truth is, modern book clubs are social communities in which members feel included, intelligent, and inspired, and deep friendships often are forged over the shared love of a certain genre, author, or title.

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Tips For Boomers To Enjoy Stress-Free Holidays

Posted On: December, 13, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

Ah, the holiday season: the parties, the gift-shopping, the decorations, the family and friends…

The stress!

According to a Healthline study reported in the Harvard University Medical School’s Department of Neurobiology newsletter, 62% of study respondents reported that they experience “very” or “somewhat” elevated levels of stress over the holiday season.

Since stress often has a significant impact on health and wellness, it’s important to set priorities and head off stress before it affects you.

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Charitable Giving Tips for Active Adults

Posted On: December, 4, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

‘Tis the Season for giving, in the form of both gifts for friends and loved ones, as well as donations to charitable organizations, which receive the bulk of their annual donations at the end of the year. (While it’s true that we feel more generous during this time of year, another reason for the surge is folks looking to maximize their annual tax deductions before the New Year).

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By the (Gas Log) Fire-Side - A November Poem, inspired by Robert Browning

Posted On: November, 27, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

By the (Gas Log) Fire-Side

A November Poem, inspired by Robert Browning


How well I know what I mean to do

When dark evenings come after clocks have changed;

Inside my home, with worries few

After pleasantries with neighbors are exchanged,

Celebrating friendships old and new.

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