Warm Up This Week With Traditional Southern Cookin’

Posted: January, 17, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

Plenty of space in our large pantries at Windsong


Watching the weather reports for the rest of the country, we shouldn’t complain about the dip in temperatures (more than a dip – it’s a plunge!) here in Georgia this week. Thankfully, by next week, this plunge will be a memory for those of us here in the South.

Southerners have some tasty ways to forget the weather outside, with warm, wonderful meals that will make your mouth water just reading about them.


Grilled Cheese

When two thick slices of buttery bread with your favorite cheese in between sizzle in a perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet, it doesn’t matter your age: this is comfort food to the umpteenth degree (which is good, because we won’t come anywhere near umpteenth for a few nights this week). For a delicious twist, slather pimiento cheese between the slices!


Instant Pot (or Slow Cooker) “Chicken Bog”

Shredded white meat chicken, rice, sausage, your favorite herbs and fresh veggies, combined with yellow onion, garlic, and chicken stock combines to make this delectable cold-weather meal that tempts the nose before you ever taste a morsel!



Chili cook-offs, family recipes, and ongoing debates over what kind of chili is the real chili should inform you that this dish has deep roots in the South! Hot and spicy, chunky and mild, served with a bit of buttered cornbread, and you’re set for days. (Which is a wonderful idea, because chili just gets more delicious on days two, three, and four!)


Get Creative With Your Grits

Grits are synonymous with the South, and many folks are still surprised to find that grits are included in lots of gourmet recipes that are not served for breakfast! Try shrimp and grits, ham and grits, sausage and grits, or barbecue chicken and grits. (I’ve even seen a venison and grits recipe!)


A Few Other Suggestions

  • Buttermilk biscuits, served open-faced, with chicken, pork, or your favorite stew.
  • Loaded baked potatoes as a main course, with cheese, butter, sour cream, chives, bacon, topped with your favorite protein.


Don’t Forget Dessert

Bread pudding – a great way to use up that aging loaf of bread! Tear it into small pieces and drop into a baking dish. Add butter, milk (even dairy alternatives work well!), raisins or other fruit if desired, then bake. (If you forgot about temperatures in the teens, ice cream pairs well with this dish!)


We joke in the South that when the temperatures plummet or anyone mentions the s-word (snow), it’s a rule that we crowd the supermarkets and clear the shelves of milk, bread, and beer. But if you’ve planned well, and your ample pantry is stocked in your Windsong home, you’ve got everything you need to weather the storm.

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