Waiting in Winter - A Boomer Poem

Posted: January, 28, 2021 | Categories: Poems

Active adult woman drinking coffee in bed relaxing with a book.


Inspired by “Waking in Winter,” by Sylvia Plath


I taste the morning coffee – an inspirational thing.

Winter dawn colorful one day, gray the next

In Georgia, where weather’s mercurial nature

Led us to invent “dressing in layers”

An assortment of coats, sweaters, scarves

Gloves for good measure

Strewn in the back seats of our cars

For the odd snow flurry or thunder storm

That arises while curbside at Kroger

Picking up groceries like bread and milk -

Necessities for those twelve hours

When white stuff dusts the streets.


Our courtyard gardens echo, the sun lights up

The soil covering seeds slumbering below the surface.

Space! Space! We burrow back beneath the bed linens

The fireplace warming the family room

Chasing away the cold outside

Luring us out of hiding, out of hibernation.

Birds flock to the feeders we fill religiously,

Our heartbeats pulse to the rhythm of tiny wings

Buds swell at the ends of branches

On the dogwoods outside the window

Their dark shapes shadows against a cloud-filled canvas.


Solace is found in a cup of cocoa, in fresh-baked bread

Whose aroma fills the house, and our senses with delight.

Light gleams, reflecting off granite countertops.

A half-read book lies open on the chaise.

A painting dries on its canvas in the study.

Winter is bearable in a home such as this,

With our meanderings purposeful, checking the windows

For signs that Spring is on its way.


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