Tips to Help Active Adults Enjoy Better Sleep

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Tips to Help Active Adults Enjoy Better Sleep


As we get older, medical and hormonal changes often alter our sleeping habits. As Active Adults, we may find ourselves tired earlier in the evening, waking up throughout the night to use the bathroom or just because we are not tired at that moment.



If you experience a sudden change in your sleeping habits, consult your medical professional to rule out underlying conditions, including:

  • heart and lung conditions that may not yet have been diagnosed
  • gastrointestinal reflux
  • urinary tract issues, including enlarged prostate or overactive bladder
  • Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease
  • sleep apnea and snoring – more common in men and in people who are overweight

New or recently changed medications may also contribute to your sleep difficulties.



Many adults turn to over the counter (OTC) remedies, but sleep experts warn against using these without consulting your doctor. Some of the more common sleep remedies contain chemicals that may contribute to cognitive decline, and those who use OTC sleep aids may find that the side effects are even more unpleasant than their sleep problems.



After ruling out underlying medical conditions, Active Adults often find that simple changes ultimately help them achieve quality sleep:

  • Meditation – either in a group setting, or at home or try a meditation app, such as Stop, Breathe, Think
  • Exercise – although it is not a stand-alone solution to achieving better sleep, regular physical activity contributes to better overall health, which often translates to improved sleep
  • Routine – develop rituals that signal your brain that it is time for bed—turn off screens (TV, computer, cell phone) an hour or so before bed and avoid alcohol a few hours before bedtime—instead read, take a bath and “wind down” each night

Of course, living in a home and community that set your mind at ease and bring joy and comfort to your everyday life improves all aspects of your health and wellness. Windsong emphasizes a carefree lifestyle that meets the needs for luxury and peace of mind, combined with friendly neighbors, convenient locations, and carefree living. Plus, each owner’s suite is designed to help you relax and achieve the rejuvenating sleep you crave.

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Tips to Help Active Adults Enjoy Better Sleep

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