Time Flies When Boomers Are Having Fun

Posted: December, 5, 2022 | Categories: Poems

Relax and enjoy the warmth of a cozy fire in your new Windsong home.


Can you believe it’s already December

What happened to the rest of 2022?

So quickly they flew – January through November

But that’s just what happens when you enjoy what you do.


Thanksgiving Day is in the rear-view mirror

So nice to gather with our family and friends

Each day of the calendar the new year draws nearer

Even though we might wish that each day never ends.


Fall leaves have been raked away, trees are now sleeping

Porch pumpkins replaced by bright twinkling lights

In each nook and cranny secret presents we’re keeping

Knowing holiday mornings they’ll bring such delight.


The fireplace is on with its warmth so inviting

At night we relax on the couch in its glow

Cozy inside with a book in its ambient lighting

Or enjoying the chance to watch or favorite show.


Parties and gatherings, there are so many

From family and friends greeting cards do arrive

Grateful are we that engagements are plenty

(And for many of those we don’t even have to drive!)


When we’re hosts of the party, our home is just perfect

With guests we can visit from every room

A wreath on the door and a tree ornament bedecked

While tantalizing aromas are the kitchen’s perfume.


This year has bequeathed us with so many changes

New friends, new surroundings have us feeling pleased

Our new neighbors greet us with friendly exchanges

Welcome to Windsong, Where Life’s A Breeze!

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