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All of us could stand to simplify our lives just a little bit. In fact, when you read the headline, you probably immediately thought of an area of your life that seems a bit too overwhelming, complicated, or just “messy.”

National Simplify Your Life Week is observed the first full week of August each year, and helps you focus on something that has been nagging at you, such as:

  • the pile of donation items that’s been piling up in the garage
  • making too many commitments/saying “yes” to activities or events without truly thinking it through
  • procrastinating about appointments, fitness habits, or other situations that require pre-planning and follow-through
  • obsessive thinking about health concerns, diet and exercise, etc., causing you stress and anxiety

During the first week of August, it’s time to take care of a few of those items. And to keep from causing you more stress, here are a few questions you can ask, and steps you can take, to help you truly begin to simplify your life:

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “simplifying your life”? Write it down (or make a list), along with some ideas about how you might address it immediately, and what systems you can put in place to keep the clutter or stress from returning in the future.
  • If your good intentions already include a donation box in the garage, put the box in the car and just do donate it. There’s a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from completing a task.
  • Before saying “yes” to an invitation, pause and examine how the idea of participating makes you feel. Offer to check your calendar before making a commitment. Then reply after the pause, with a sense of satisfaction about your decision.
  • Writing personal appointments in your calendar – and keep them. It’s better to follow through than to disappoint yourself.
  • Talk to your medical professional about health concerns, or other things that cause stress. A clean bill of health, and a plan recommended by your doctor, will help alleviate your stress.


At Windsong, each home and community is designed and constructed with easy living (that’s simplified living) in mind, stepless entryways from the garage, open floor plans filled with natural light, plenty of storage, and the luxury finishes that make you smile each time you walk through your home.

Neighbors with similar life-stage experiences become friends – and accountability partners, making health commitments (and sticking to them!) simpler and achievable.

Your simplified lifestyle is part of every home we build, to help you enjoy every day to the fullest.

Welcome to Windsong, Where Life’s A Breeze!

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