September Designated to Celebrate Active Adults

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September is officially National Senior Center Month, recognizing the contributions of organizations dedicated to providing knowledge, programs, and resources for the Active Adult community.

The idea originated in the 1970s, with a single day to recognize the contributions of senior centers, and the benefits they impart on communities across the country. Then, in 2007, with the growing Active Adult population (and related popularity of senior centers), the celebration stretched to encompass the entire month of September each year, with programs, events, and more designed to engage Active Adults in the community.

This year’s theme is Mind-Body-Spirit-Community. Each week this month, we’ll focus on a different component of the theme, beginning with MIND.

Ensure your brain function remains healthy and active, by focusing on and making necessary changes to the following:



High blood pressure, high (LDL) cholesterol, and elevated blood sugar contribute to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and more, all of which can lead to cognitive decline. Work with your doctor to amend your diet, supplements, and exercise routine to ensure normal levels and better brain health.



Smoking and excessive alcohol intake are both linked to cognitive decline. Healthcare professionals recommend quitting smoking, and enjoying alcohol in moderation, if you decide to drink.



Under your doctor’s supervision, add vitamins E and B to your daily regimen, along with Omega-3 fatty acids (through supplements or by eating fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines). Eliminate saturated fat in your diet, and increase your intake of leafy green vegetables, berries, and healthy fats (olive oil or avocado oil).



You don’t have to go overboard, but just get moving! Engaging in 120 minutes of moderate exercise (walking, swimming, cycling, tennis, etc.) per week, stimulates circulation and helps keep your mind sharp!



Take a class (live and virtual classes are offered through many senior centers and the continuing education departments of universities), learn a new skill, build something, rekindle a hobby, and read. Research indicates that those who engage their brains more through learning or practicing a skill are more likely to maintain healthy brain function throughout their lives.



Individuals who maintain regular social connections maintain their brain function longer than those who spend a lot of time alone. Socializing includes phone calls, video chats, and letter-writing, as well as time spent with others. (Mask up and take a walk with a friend, or set up chairs six feet apart in a driveway, for one-on-one time.)


At Windsong, a healthy lifestyle and making the most of this “next chapter” are the reasons we design and build homes and communities with Active Adult home buyers in mind. Prepare healthy meals in your luxury kitchen, read or pursue hobbies in your home office or private courtyard, and take a stroll along your community’s wide sidewalks with neighbors who become friends.

Welcome to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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