Right-Sizing the Happy Option for Active Adults

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Windsong has been providing right-sizing solutions for Active Adults for 18 years, but our award-winning home designs and communities mean little unless the people who choose to live in them find them comfortable and enjoyable.

Since 2003, our teams have listened to what people want in their next-best home, a home that serves as a dream home after the family home has served its purpose. So, we offer livable homes that meet the needs of homeowners now and in the future, in communities that provide opportunities to relax, pursue interests, stay healthy, and interact and form friendships with people who share similar life-stage experiences.

Over the years, Windsong homebuyers have discovered so many benefits of right-sizing that begin even before they move into their new homes, when they begin make decisions about – and act upon – what they want in their lives.

What’s interesting is that, in right-sizing, things take on less of a priority than experiences, which coincides with several research studies about what makes people happy. And what all of these studies have determined is that happiness is derived from experiences, not things.

Happiness researcher Matthew Killingsworth, whose study is ongoing, presented his initial findings in a 2014 TED Talk  in which he determined that staying in the moment led to more feelings of happiness than did possessing something, noting that, “nothing material is intrinsically valuable, except in whatever promise of happiness it carries.”

Living a healthy, active lifestyle in which one can pursue activities, spend time with friends and loved ones, and learn new things, then, can be considered keys to happiness!

And at Windsong, every home includes the luxury kitchen at the heart of the home, where enjoying meals is easy, preparing meals is an adventure, and entertaining is fun. Private courtyards and other outdoor living spaces enable would-be gardeners to try their hand at growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs, for a rewarding experience. Community spaces, including wide sidewalks, pocket parks, clubhouses, and other amenities, are where neighbors gather to forge new friendships.

So, if happiness is found in rewarding experiences, Windsong truly is a purveyor of happiness!

Welcome to Windsong, Where Life’s a (Happy) Breeze!


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