Right-Sizing Helps Active Adults Relax At Home

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Right-Sizing Helps Active Adults Relax At Home

Like the Not-So-Big movement, Right-Sizing has become de riguer for Active Adults, as they recognize that retirement is best enjoyed while we’re healthy, active, and able to live in our next-chapter dream home.

Whether they have moved often throughout their adult lives, or if they are thinking about selling the large home where they raised their family, active adults often experience what experts refer to as “transitional trauma” when faced with getting rid of a lifetime of stuff and moving to a home that better suits their current desires and needs.


You’ve Found Your Dream Home

The home is perfect for you, with a luxurious master suite, large closets, a gourmet kitchen, room for guests and space to pursue hobbies, plus outdoor living spaces and plenty of windows providing natural light. Best of all, it’s in a beautiful community, convenient to shopping and entertainment; and you’ve already met a few of the neighbors, who share your life experiences and values.


Now, Make A Plan

The best way to avoid “transitional trauma” is to have a plan, enlist help, and keep your end-goal in mind.

Based upon when your new home will be ready to move into, create a timeline in which to accomplish your goals:

Start with Storage

  • Go through rarely used items first, like those in basements, attics, closets, filing cabinets, etc. 
  • Throw out any broken or out-of-date items, or “mystery items” (you can’t remember what you use it for).
  • Donate duplicate items, clothing that is in good condition but which you no longer wear, etc.

Hire a Professional

  • Work with a senior move specialist (there are at least a dozen certified National Association of Senior Move Managers members in the metro Atlanta area https://www.nasmm.org/find/) to help you:
    • Look at your current belongings
    • Review your new floor plan
    • Design a layout for your new home, incorporating items you wish to keep as well as new items you would like to add


Live Your Best Life

Each Windsong home and community is designed to maximize opportunities and minimize stress, with a combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces that cater to the Active Adult lifestyle. Right-sizing is just the beginning to living your best life.

Welcome to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

Right-Sizing Helps Active Adults Relax At Home

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