Reminders for Active Adults as Caregivers

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Reminders for Active Adults as Caregivers


As Active Adults, one of our greatest pleasures is often to enjoy the lives of our adult children, and how they interact with our grandchildren, and to recognize that we have done well, despite the challenges we felt as parents.

When we were new parents, we often felt alone and overwhelmed. Our priorities shifted to accommodate our kids, and we turned down opportunities for gatherings with friends, or adjusted our schedules to spend more time with our growing families. Even without noticing, our social interactions changed, as friends who had not yet had children drifted away and we forged friendships with people who had kids similar in age or interest as our own.

Fast-forward a few decades: the children are grown, often with kids of their own; we are spending less time working and more time discovering hobbies and interests that we had put on hold while we raised our kids.

And then we find ourselves in the caregiver role once more – this time, for our aging parents. And the cycle starts again.


Reminders for Caregivers

Prepare for your priorities to shift as you either juggle the management of two households—even if  you only live at one of them—or make new living arrangements for your parent(s).

  • Parents who have experienced an injury or illness often require as much care as a newborn.
  • Your social life will often revolve around the availability of hired caregivers or assistance from another family member.
  • Managing medical appointments may feel like a full-time job.
  • Understand that promises made when your parent had his or her health may not be feasible to keep once they have had an illness or injury.
  • Frank conversations about your parents’ finances, long-term-care, and handling of their estate will be necessary.
  • Ignoring the issues will only make them worse when the time comes.


At Windsong, we design our communities to meet the needs of Active Adult homebuyers, including the desire for an attractive home that accommodates our needs now and in the future, with ranch-style homes featuring luxury finishes, stepless entries, and plenty of storage. We also focus on the small details that make a big difference: natural light, wide doorways, outdoor living spaces, and more. And we build in areas where shopping, dining, entertainment, and healthcare are easily accessible.

But floor plans and locations are only part of the equation. We also understand that each Windsong community attracts people with similar life-stage experiences, allowing for friendships to develop and thrive. Even when one becomes a caregiver to an aging parent, there’s someone in the community who has been there, and can offer advice or friendly support.

Welcome to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

Reminders for Active Adults as Caregivers

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