Poetry of Home for Active Adults

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Poetry of Home for Active Adults

Poetry of Home for Active Adults

inspired by Anne Bronte


How brightly in the springtime sun

The plants in the courtyard play

While potted plants upon the porch

Greet neighbors every day.


That sunshine illuminates the place

From whence I need not roam

This luxurious and spacious nest

I’ve chosen as my home.


I watch at night the stars overhead

And hear cicadas sing

This is my dreamt-of paradise

Such joy does my home bring!


I never thought it possible

To discover such a treasure

Where I could pursue activities

Or enjoy a life of leisure.


Where neighbors all are like myself,

Families raised and work fulfilled

We’ve chosen this to be our home

Where new friendships we will build.


From potluck dinners and movie nights

Or planting courtyard vegetation

We have so many things in common

For lively conversation.


My single-story living home

Designed for my every need

All the features and luxuries

(And I don’t have to pull the weeds!)


They’re smart to call it “right-sized”

Rooms are meant to multi-function

A guest room and a hobby space

Fits my life at this junction.


I have an over-sized garage

And attic space for storage

And the pantry is exceptional

With a light to aid my forage.


My master suite’s the getaway

Quite the elegant retreat

And the closet space is ample

Which makes dressing up a treat.


They also include natural light

With energy-efficient windows

And there’s the cozy gas log fireplace

(No cleaning up the cinders!)


Yes, they’ve thought of everything

For my right-sized life of ease

That’s why they always say, Welcome

To Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

Poetry of Home for Active Adults

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