Our Partners, Builder of Choice Series: Fleming Carpet Distributors

Posted: October, 7, 2020 | Categories: Our Partners: Builder of Choice Series

Dramatic flooring in the Ashton model home at Westbrook


Behind the Scenes at Windsong: Where Beauty and Function Meet

There is often a moment in building a house when it all seems to come together. You begin to recognize the structure for the home it will one day be. For Todd Baughan, “A home doesn’t look finished until the flooring goes in.” Baughan, COO of Fleming Carpet Distributors, has been making those transformations for Windsong since 2003.

Over the course of working together on hundreds of homes, Fleming Carpet and Windsong have developed an optimal building process. We ensure our job sites are clean, organized, and ready for each partner. We can easily stay on top of quality control at each stage. Setting up our partners for success helps us become successful as well.

“Windsong does excellent work because they communicate well and stay organized. They’re very professional, at every level,” says Baughan. “Everything is accessible online, and their schedule is interactive so it’s easy to see who is doing what and when. That flexibility helps us work as a team, something that not all builders we work with do.”

“It’s important for our work to look good and show off the house for what it is underneath. We come in as the last ones in the construction process. Our installations cover up the concrete, make it beautiful, make it look finished. That helps sell the home.”

Fleming Carpet Distributors help create spaces that work well for all active adult homeowners, with materials that are beautiful, comfortable, and safety compliant. These include luxury vinyl plank and tile, which are moisture resistant and durable against wear. Baughan and his team ensure that all transitions between rooms and floorings are ADA compliant. Every Windsong home has a zero entry point, meaning that the entry is flush with the ground and easily accessible for scooters, wheelchairs or homeowners with limited mobility.

“We worked with Windsong on creating a special design so that even the showers are low-threshold showers,” explains Baughan. “We put a very small curb or dam on the shower so the water doesn’t run everywhere but a wheelchair can still easily get over it.” By considering every detail, we work with our partners to create a home that works for everyone.

Working with our partners as team members means we create a better product in the end. By looking to professionals in each area of homebuilding, we can focus on creating innovative homes that function well.

Every Windsong home is designed with the homeowner in mind. From intentional aesthetics to original, functional designs, partners like Fleming Carpet Distributors help make the entire Windsong community an excellent place to live. To learn more about Fleming Carpet Distributors, visit their website.

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