Our Partners, Builder of Choice Series: A. Woodward Architecture, Inc

Posted: November, 18, 2020 | Categories: Our Partners: Builder of Choice Series

McConnell Green Clubhouse, designed by A. Woodward Architecture

Behind the Scenes at Windsong: A First Impression That Lasts with A. Woodward Architecture, Inc.

“Many other builders try to do what Windsong does. But I think Windsong has their finger on that market and they know every aspect of it, from interior design to how their residents use clubhouses or amenities. That's what helps them stand out more than anything.”

The exterior of a home is the first impression homeowners have of their new community. For Andrew Woodward from A. Woodward Architecture Inc, perfecting the look of that exterior is as important as, if not more important than, the rest of construction.

“My work helps establish the character of the entire community,” explained Woodward. “You know a Windsong community when you enter it because it feels like a Windsong community.”

Establishing character for Windsong has been a long-time project for Woodward. Working with Windsong for the past 10 years, he aims to promote interaction between the homeowners through the exteriors of their home. As the 55+ market became more and more successful, Woodward saw Windsong as a top producer and continued his designs for the community clubhouses.

“I wouldn’t say that they created this market, but they were certainly early on in this whole active adult sort of thing.” said Woodward. “So many other builders try to do what they do but I think Windsong has their finger on that market. They know about every aspect of that market from interior design to how their residents use clubhouses. That's what helps them stand out more than anything.”

In Woodward’s work with other developments, he finds that focusing on a specific market allows for builders to truly refine their style and target audience. By collaborating with Windsong employees from the development to the sales teams, Woodward helps contribute to the Windsong aesthetic through his designs for the community clubhouses.

“The clubhouses serve the same function from community to community, but I think what’s special about Windsong is the fact that they don’t do the ‘same old same old’ every time -- but it still feels consistent,” explained Woodward. “We take the site restraints and different styles of architecture and build them into the clubhouses.”

For Windsong communities, clubhouses serve as a central location for group gatherings, celebrations and shared meals. In every stage of designing, clubhouses are meant to encourage this sense of community, fostering a relaxed atmosphere that Woodward expresses in his exterior designs.

Woodward’s role continues in new communities, refining house exteriors and providing the Windsong team with multiple elevation design sketches. “I work closely with the estimation department as well, so they understand the unique design aspects that need to be included,” said Woodward. “There’s not a person there that I don’t get along with. I hope we keep working together for as long into the future as we have already.”

Windsong appreciates all our partners, who work so closely with us to create strong, exceptional communities. To learn more about our partners, follow us on Facebook and keep up with our news center for more from our Behind the Scenes series.

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