Oh, the Places Boomers Will Go!

Posted: February, 28, 2023 | Categories: Poems

Happy Dr. Suess Day! National Read Across America Day


In celebration of Dr. Theodore Geisel’s (aka Dr Seuss) birthday today!


Theodore Geisel (born in 1904)

Penned 60 books (or a few less, or more)

Over his long lifetime his fame is documented

With stories featuring words he invented


His career began working for Vanity Fair

And Life magazines, publishing cartoons there

He also did advertising, writing campaigns

And on films that needed illustrated frames


But it’s his children’s books for which his fame trumpet blows

Like The Cat in the Hat and Oh the Places You’ll Go

And we learned a whole lot from a guy named The Grinch

Whose heart grew three sizes (even though his shoes pinched)

The man was creative, inventing his own words

He made reading fun, and we laughed at what we heard

His work inspired readers with his thoughtful expression

With books he began writing in 1937!


So why am I sharing this with you this way?

Well, because March the Second is Theo Geisel’s birthday!

And before you tell me you don’t know this man’s name

Dear Theo and “Dr Seuss” are one in the same!


So now we turn back to the Boomers who are reading

This poem and wondering where the story is leading

Whether you’ve retired, or have it in your sights

Doing things you enjoy makes for good days and nights


Never underestimate the joy you experience

When you live in place filled with fun and good friends

A home that you love, filled with peace and ease…

Welcome to Windsong, Where Life’s A Breeze!

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