Oh, The Place You Will Live...

Posted: August, 24, 2021 | Categories: Poems

Gracious owners bedroom with large windows bringing plenty of natural light in.


Oh, The Place You Will Live...

A Boomer Poem, inspired by Dr. Seuss



On your decision today!

You found a neighborhood

And decided to stay!


You’ve signed all the paperwork

And will meet the design team

While the builders and site crew

Begin building your dream.


There’s packing and purging

So much stuff to do!

While the fine folks at Windsong

Create your home for you.


You get to choose bricks

You get to choose paint

And cabinets and flooring…

Easy choices, they ain’t!


Boxes to pack up

Appliances to buy

And since comfort’s important -

Sofas & mattresses to try!


With excitement you often

Drive down your new street

And think about all the 

New neighbors you’ll meet!


Since your home has a courtyard,

A garden’s in the plan

So you visit the nursery

And research all you can.


Your new wide front porch

Needs some comfortable chairs

Where you’ll sip morning coffee

And enjoy the fresh air.


The flex-space excites you

Oh, what might it be?

A library? An office?

A space just for me?


The elegant bathroom

Reminds you of a spa

Just thinking about it

Makes you say, aaahhh.


The kitchen’s the heart

Of your new home, how exciting!

All those fun dinner parties

And the friends you’ll be inviting.


Sure, it will take time

For your home to be built

But you’ll look back on it fondly

When your dream’s been fulfilled.


You’ll be smiling widely

As they hand you your keys

And say, Welcome to Windsong,

Where Life’s A Breeze!

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