In Search of the Next Windsong Community

Posted: July, 9, 2021 | Categories: Communities

A beautiful central park and clubhouse at a Windsong community


In Search of the Next Windsong Community

Henry Massie explains the attention to detail required to find an ideal location.


For most, when thinking about the homebuilding process, construction, architecture, and design are the first things that come to mind. But long before these components take shape, there’s a team at Windsong in search of the perfect location for the next community to grow. Henry Massie, director of land acquisitions at Windsong, is responsible for finding ideal locales with everything you could want in a neighborhood: natural beauty, convenience, amenities, nearby shopping, and more, so homebuyers only need to focus on the right floorplan and design choices when selecting a home.

Each of our neighborhoods has its own unique charm, but there are three attributes that a potential property must have to get Henry’s stamp of approval and become a Windsong community.


Natural Beauty: A home becomes a retreat when there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Henry and his team look for locations that offer great views, space for walking, water features, lots with lake views, areas with undisturbed buffers, along with a beautiful and scenic setting for the community clubhouse, with its outdoor amenities and gathering space.


Vibrant Community: Windsong puts a great deal of thought and planning into our communities and all are near city centers with plenty of shopping, restaurants, entertainment, medical centers, hospitals, and more. Living in a community that offers a wealth of things to do, shopping districts to stroll, and places to explore with friends and family is what makes a neighborhood truly feel like home.


Conveniently Located: A home loses its luster if you are regularly driving long distances for your everyday needs. For example, finding a home zoned for a top school district is not a priority for our homebuyers, but it is important that our communities are nearby to good schools, ensuring grandkids and family are not too far away. Same goes for easy access – Henry looks for locations near a major roadway and convenient to shopping centers but tucked away just enough to avoid noise and traffic.


Since joining Windsong last year, Henry has been busy scouting out prime locations and is currently working on the rezoning process of two very exciting communities in Cobb County. One thing he’s noticed is the strong reputation Windsong has with local municipalities and governments.

“I’ve worked in this industry for a very long time and it’s refreshing to join a team that is 100 percent committed to the absolute highest level of integrity,” says Henry. “The local municipalities and communities we have worked with in the past remember the good experiences they’ve had with Windsong and understand as a company we are true to our word and will always follow through on what we promise. Launching a new project when we already have a strong reputation locally makes for a much smoother process to obtain the necessary approvals to break ground on a new community.”

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