Happy Anniversary/Welcome Home For Windsong Couple

Posted: November, 16, 2017 | Categories: Homebuyer Stories

Happy Anniversary/Welcome Home For Windsong Couple

Neighborhoods, communities are made up of people… and, of course, what makes people so interesting are the stories of which their lives are comprised.

In October, Doyle and Jewell Roberts joined the Windsong family, when they moved into their Emerson home in Windsong’s Bel-Aire community in West Cobb.

Like many Windsong homeowners, the Roberts moved to Georgia to be closer to family – more than 20 years after moving from Georgia to Colorado to be closer to family: their daughter, Valerie, had moved west 33 years ago, and Doyle and Jewell wanted to be part of their then-new granddaughter’s life.

A handful of years ago, that same granddaughter visited Atlanta, where she met her future husband. The newlyweds stayed in Georgia and had a son – Valerie’s grandson, who celebrated his first birthday earlier this year. Valerie and her husband, David, felt the “grandparent tug,” and relocated from Colorado to Georgia in April.

The couple found Bel-Aire not long after they moved into their own home in the Lost Mountain community, and told Doyle and Jewell they’d found “the perfect place,” where their parents could enjoy the independence of their own home, a place where they could feel safe and be close to family, without the worry of maintenance.

So, in the Spring, the Roberts moved in with their daughter and son-in-law, and paid regular visits to their Windsong home-under-construction. “They lived with us the whole time their house was built,” Valerie said. “We went every Sunday to walk through and see the progression.”

David is in the home building industry, and was very impressed with the Windsong process. Speaking with Windsong at Bel-Aire builder Brian Hester bolstered David’s confidence that his in-laws were moving into a home in which quality and attention to detail are high priorities.

While there is not an official gift listed for the 65th wedding anniversary, we at Windsong suggest following in the tradition of Doyle and Jewell Roberts, who celebrated their  anniversary with the closing of their new home at Bel-Aire on October 5, the 65th anniversary of the couple’s nuptials!

Doyle and Jewell have “the best lot in the community,” tucked back on a cul-de-sac, with a view of the woods from their screened-in porch. “Dad knows how to get to Kroger, and to Marco’s Pizza, and he can drive to Hiram for barbecue,” Valerie said.

Valerie and David have just finished unpacking the boxes from their own move – just 1 ½ miles from Bel-Aire. They made a priority of setting up her parents’ bedroom, kitchen, and living room, and will now focus on unpacking the rest of the home, currently in boxes “all stored in their great big garage.”

With the family close together again, they look forward to celebrating holidays with four generations – including the forthcoming arrival of a new (great)-granddaughter!

At Windsong, peace of mind extends not only to the Active Adults who reside in a luxury Windsong home, but also to their family members who want the best for their parents and grandparents. We’re excited to be a part of each family’s story!


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