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Do What You Love

Posted: January, 26, 2022 | Categories: Poems

Entertaining friends in the Ashton open floorplan

A Boomer Poem – inspired by e.e. cummings, Nelson Mandela, and Dr. Seuss


It always seems impossible until it is done

Nelson Mandela once said

That certainly applies to January days

When we don’t want to rise from our beds


But if we want to have fun (and have coffee)

Then we must face the day with a grin

Respect that the sun’s also rising

And that’s how our days all begin


The rhythm of life may be different

In winter when bright hours are short

But we find in the life that we’ve chosen

That there is so much good to report


The chaos of fixing our breakfast

Resolves hunger that greets us post-sleep

So grateful we are for a home that we love

Where we find there’s good company to keep


The essence of life is to live it

To influence and be influenced by joy

We find happiness in what is familiar

Or in the travel and change some employ


The keys, then, to finding our passions

Is to first find out what lights us up

Then work hard, play hard, and be patient

Be a magnet for good things and luck


It takes courage to grow up and become

who you really are, e.e. cummings explains

To face each day and accept what it brings us

To find good in both pleasure and pain


May this year find you happy and healthy

May your home be filled with peace and ease

If you’ve not heard it yet, may you hear it soon:

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