Close for Comfort: Attorney Brian Dubuc Celebrates Two Decades of Making Windsong Clients Feel at Home

Posted: July, 25, 2019 | Categories: Uncategorized

Brian Dubuc, Closing Attorney with Mozley, Finlayson, & Loggins LLP

Long before a Windsong Properties homeowner ever receives his or her keys, Brian Dubuc already is diligently laying the groundwork for long-term satisfaction.

As the active adult community developer’s primary legal partner – and an unofficial ambassador for incoming homebuyers – since it first opened its doors in 2003, Dubuc ensures that both individual properties and entire communities meet both Windsong’s high standards and customers’ expectations.

Dubuc, an attorney at law for Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins LLP, likely is most visible in his closing attorney role, assisting aspiring homebuyers with pre-ownership paperwork and the resolution of any issues or questions that emerge in the latter stages of the home building process. However, his influence on the Windsong customer experience truly begins at conceptualization.

“As soon as Windsong secures land for a new community, and before sales start, we begin working closely with the company’s leadership team on legal matters ranging from developing HOA regulations to finalizing restrictive covenants,” said Dubuc. “Windsong’s mission to fill neighborhoods with happy home buyers who remain engaged and informed throughout the search and purchasing process is inspiring, and reflected by the unparalleled client satisfaction I’ve seen along the way.”

Dubuc’s path to Windsong itself followed an atypical and fortuitous blueprint. After a decade of work as a trial lawyer, he decided to follow his instincts and shift to real estate law in 1998. Shortly after, he began closing for one of his first post-transition clients in Woodstock-based Loren Construction Company – an entity owned by future Windsong co-founder and CEO Mark Carruth. Their relationship continued up through Windsong’s 2003 formation, and Dubuc has continued to close home sales for the company and assist with general counsel efforts ever since.

“While I love litigation, it can be tough sometimes since you know that your clients are most likely coming to you upset and with a host of problems to solve,” said Dubuc. “To me, real estate law is ‘happy law,’ with buyers excited to receive their keys and begin bringing the visions of their dream home to life. I’ve been fortunate to have Windsong as my largest and longest-tenured client, and look forward to continuing to partner with them to provide quality homes in secure, stable and fun communities.”

In many ways, Dubuc’s personal and professional evolution throughout the partnership mirror the overall growth and maturity of Windsong Properties itself. With Dubuc and his team as proven and loyal associates, the active adult community developer has built its staff from three full-time members at opening to more than 50 today. Along the way, Windsong also has expanded its metro Atlanta reach and captured nine Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Awards (among other honors). Additionally, Dubuc has helped Windsong navigate dynamics ranging from changing industry regulations to the overall peaks and valleys that come with the at times unstable and unpredictable housing market.

However, as Dubuc notes, the one constant has been Windsong’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products and service – a promise that has made his job infinitely easier and more enjoyable.

“Typically, the end of the home buying process can be challenging as buyers come to closings unsatisfied and with outstanding issues surrounding their properties,” said Dubuc. “Windsong breaks this norm by offering homes that are ready for owners to move into immediately following closing. The team there knows what their customers look for and want most in the houses where they most likely will spend the rest of their lives.”

“During the last 16 years, Windsong has created a culture of trust, transparency and dependability that extends to its homeowners, builders and partners, and I’ve enjoyed playing a part in establishing thriving communities that set the bar for active adult housing.”


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