Celebrating Home - A Windsong Original Poem

Posted: November, 10, 2023 | Categories: Poems

Home is where the heart is


Home is where the heart is

And we feel it pitter-pat

When the front door is opened

And friends are on the welcome mat.


Bring the folks inside

And show them all about

They’ll understand your happiness

And gratitude, no doubt!


Prepare a meal or snack

To share it with your guests

And if they’ve traveled far

You’ve got room for them to rest.


A courtyard for entertaining

When the weather’s fair

Or gather ‘round the fireplace

When Autumn’s chill fills the air.


Invite over some neighbors

And introduce your friends

The best part of your neighborhood

Is the hospitality it lends.


Whether hosting family gatherings

Or joining folks for tea

Every moment you will recognize

This is the way life’s meant to be.


Forget the hustle-and-bustle

Set aside things that cause stress

Every experience in your home

Illustrates ways that you are blessed.


Choose a lifestyle and a floor plan

And which neighborhood’s right for you

Then decide on finishes and features

...that’s all you have to do!


Throughout our lives we dream

About what our purpose is

We search and when we find it

We realize it is this:


Friends who are authentic

Family gathered round

A cozy place to call our home

Where memories abound.


That is why we here at Windsong

When we’re handing you your keys

We’re always sure to tell you:

Welcome to Windsong,  Where Life’s A Breeze!

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