By the (Gas Log) Fire-Side - A November Poem, inspired by Robert Browning

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The Buckley New Home Plan at Serenade in Kennesaw Georgia


By the (Gas Log) Fire-Side

A November Poem, inspired by Robert Browning


How well I know what I mean to do

When dark evenings come after clocks have changed;

Inside my home, with worries few

After pleasantries with neighbors are exchanged,

Celebrating friendships old and new.


You will find me by the fire, I suppose

A book in my hand, joy in my heart;

Just a flick of a switch and I warm my toes,

No longer a match needed for a fire to start,

My fondness for my home just grows and grows.


Some evenings are spent entertaining friends,

The rooms are open and spacious and wide;

My appreciation for this community often extends

Past bricks and windows and finishes inside

To enjoying my life, a feeling that never ends.


Part of that enjoyment is outside my door

Wide windows provide an exceptional view

Rooms inside are one part, but there’s so much more

I have a private courtyard outside, too;

And spending time in that space is something I adore.


In the mornings, I enjoy the quiet and peace

As my coffee I sip anywhere that I choose;

The rooms are so spacious, my things fit with ease,

Flexible spaces for guests, and more for my muse,

As an office or studio, or whatever I please!


My spacious garage houses both of my cars

With additional space for a fridge or workbench;

To access the attic, I climb actual stairs

(Not a ladder that, when climbing, makes me quite tense);

Storing seasonal stuff is a pleasant affair.


In the master suite, where I take my rest

Is where luxury finishes are truly defined;

Gorgeous views, great design – it all passes the test

For a home owner whose tastes are refined;

I sleep well each night, I must confess.


After a day of living a life filled with ease

What a wonderful place I have to wind down

From the moment they first in my hand placed the keys;

My home, by the fireplace, true joy I have found.


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