Boomers Still Setting Style Trends

Posted: June, 3, 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized

Universal design trends like raised vanities and walk-in showers with bench seating.


Regardless of the era, Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) have been change agents, not just for their generation, but for society overall. Be it music, fashion, family life, career, and more, Boomers make choices that set the trend for everyone else.

The Boomer Generation’s influence is particularly evident in homes: from style of home to location, and especially the finishing touches that speak to both convenience and luxury, Boomer-influenced trends in housing are now de rigueur for homes across the housing market, and design influences once made for age-in-place ease have evolved into must-haves across the board.


Trends for the Past Decade

Many choices that emerged when Boomers began seeking out Active Adult communities are still with us today:

  • Levered door handles (instead of knobs)
  • Rocker panel light switches
  • 2-way switches (rocker panels located at several places throughout the room, so you can turn the lights on or off from multiple locations)
  • Comfort-height commodes
  • Walk-in showers with built-in seats
  • Wider door frames – both interior and exterior
  • Stepless entry
  • Fewer stairs (but actual stairs leading to storage space in the attic)


Once upon a time, moving from the family home meant giving up certain luxuries. But Boomers asked why they couldn’t have the social life, maintenance-free or maintenance-friendly home, and the luxury features they’ve enjoyed throughout their lives.

At Windsong, we answered: Of COURSE you can have it all! (Windsong’s founders are Boomers themselves, you see.) That’s why, since 2003, Windsong has set the standard for the Active Adult community, with beautiful homes in desirable locations, where each homeowner has helped to create a luxury home that suits both their needs and design tastes. No two Windsong homes are exactly alike, but every one reflects its owner – as it should be!

Welcome to Windsong, Where Life’s A Breeze!

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