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Posted: December, 2, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized

Handwriting a letter to a neighbor


Do you remember learning how to write in cursive? We started with big, loopy letters copied onto lined paper, and practiced the art of creating elegant curves and twisting the ink into something that conveyed a message. It was a rite of passage. And handwriting tells so much about a person that an entire scientific study is devoted to handwriting analysis (graphology), providing insight into one’s emotional state, health, and more.

How exciting it was to open the mailbox and find a letter in Grandmother’s distinctive handwriting, a friend’s clumsy letters on camp stationery, an invitation to a wedding or graduation. The reason for handwritten correspondence was endless… in the days before email, texting, and instant messages.

While you might be preparing to send holiday cards to friends, loved ones, business associates, and the like, December 7 is designated as Letter-Writing Day, providing a perfect reason to pen a note to someone and surprise them. After all, how often do we receive good news (or correspondence for no particular reason at all) in the mail?

In addition to graphology, entire studies have been conducted to determine the benefits of letter-writing, and researchers have come up with some wonderful reasons to write a letter by hand:


  • Handwritten letters (including postcards) provide a personal connection between the writer and the recipient
  • Writing by hand is a meditative act; the writer (and the reader) must be in the moment to appreciate the effort
  • Handwriting is a worthwhile pursuit!
  • Writing by hand lowers stress, improves health (asthmatics actually breathe more easily when they write by hand), and greater mental clarity
  • Writing about good things – and sharing them in a letter – promotes more positive outlooks for both the writer and the recipient
  • It takes greater effort to write a letter by hand, providing a more intimate form of communication


When you prepare to reach out to someone special, pick up a good pen, gather some stationery (or quality writing paper), and purchase some fun stamps, then send a letter to someone whose day will be made a little brighter when they receive it in their mailbox!

At Windsong, homes and neighborhoods created by expert craftsmen, using quality materials and attention to detail, provide a positive atmosphere, filled with exceptional living spaces and reasons to celebrate each day – perfect subjects to share in a letter!

And how wonderful it would be to meet neighbors at the mailbox and share your excitement when you receive a letter from someone you care about!


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