Boomers Chill on a Midsummer’s Day

Posted: July, 28, 2022 | Categories: Poems

Enjoying drinks on your screened in porch.


A Boomer Poem, inspired by A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky, by Lewis Carroll


Scorching pavement beneath a sunny sky

Sipping lemonade on a shady porch

One afternoon in late July.


Grandchildren prepare to go back to school

Visit for a spend the night

Brief play outdoors, then inside to get cool.


We walk before the sun is high

Then shelter in the afternoon

Venturing out when evening’s nigh.


We opt for meals that require no heat

Too hot to grill this afternoon

Salad and gelato – what a treat!


Comfort greets us in every room

Through windows I enjoy the day

And views of flowers in full bloom.


Sun-loving plants don’t fade or scorch

Their colors blazing in midday sun

In the courtyard and containers on the porch.


Grateful for air conditioning

And open spaces to wander about

As new projects I’m envisioning.


The sun sets blazing in the west

Streaks of color mark its path

As evening heralds our daily rest.


This wonderful place where we reside

Allows us to dream and make new friends

Comfort and enjoyment it does provide.


Watching sunshine sink behind the trees

So grateful for this life we have

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