Boomers and Social Media – Practices & Precautions

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Boomers and Social Media – Practices & Precautions


Nearly half of the world’s population – more than three billion people – are currently using social media each month. In the United States alone, 230 million people use social media on at least a monthly basis, making it the most populated “place” on the planet.

According to data from the Pew Research Center, 64% of people ages 50-64, and 37% over the age of 65, use social media regularly, for a variety of reasons. Their research also revealed that Facebook is only gaining users in the 65+ population, with Instagram and Snapchat gaining in popularity among the 25-49 groups. (source)

But Facebook isn’t the only place Active Adults are found online: 73% of adults in the U.S. regularly visit YouTube, for everything from tutorials to product reviews, news, music, and more.


The Appeal of Social Media

  • Social Connections. As the name implies, social media enables Active Adults to maintain contact with friends and family around the globe. Connectedness is especially popular among those who have relocated to be close to adult children and grandchildren, leaving long-time friends and acquaintances behind.
  • Entertainment. As people abandon their desktop and bulky laptop computers in favor of tablets and smart phones, they also are downloading more movies, television programs, books, and periodicals onto their devices, and sharing their favorites with friends and family.
  • Shopping. Retailers recognize the value of promotional videos and interactive media online. Easy access and high quality content converts viewers to customers, and makes the information easy to share, which boosts referral business as well.
  • Research. Whether investigating a product or service prior to purchase, finding a restaurant or entertainment venue, planning a vacation, or seeking one’s ancestors on the plethora of genealogy sites, Active Adults spend a lot of time researching, and seeking and sharing their finds, on social media.
  • Education. Lifelong learning has never been easier. Online classes, available through university social media sites, as well as private tutors, invite Boomers to try everything from yoga to online yard sales.


    Precautions for Online Use.

  • Predators. Active Adults are often the victims of scam artists, who view them as “easy targets.” Your bank, credit card company, the IRS, and healthcare professionals – among others – WILL NOT CONTACT YOU ONLINE. If you receive an email asking to “verify personal information,” even if the site sounds familiar, delete the link, or report it to, or, to name a few.
  • Hackers. Be wary of how much information you share on Facebook and other sites that invite you to create a user profile. And change your password regularly, to prevent hackers from setting up a false account using your profile information.


At Windsong, we maintain a variety of social  media accounts to interact with Windsong homeowners and future home buyers, as well as to share information (like the blog you are reading) as a courtesy to Active Adults and others.

Our luxury homes and communities are built with access to the most up-to-date technology to connect you to the Internet, and flexible spaces mean you can choose a dedicated room for a desktop computer, or enjoy Wi-Fi in any room of your home, the courtyard, or even while enjoying community amenities.

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Boomers and Social Media – Practices & Precautions

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