Boomer Song of Spring

Posted: March, 28, 2019 | Categories: Uncategorized

Boomer Song of Spring


Rain has showered far too long

Of mush and flood, we’re tired.

A warm, wet winter we’ve endured

Now sunshine is required.


So begins a Georgia Spring

With cars coated in yellow

Trees and flowers burst to bloom

Causing sneezes in each gal and fellow.


Full moons and stars fill the night sky

While the day skies are sunny and blue.

Wake up early, plan for the day

That’s what we like to do.


So begins another Spring

Open windows, play outside.

New neighbors met on morning strolls,

On sidewalks long and wide.


At home the courtyard comes alive,

Flowers emerge in their beds.

Dandelions we pretend to loathe,

While we admire their fluffy heads.


Birds are busy tending nests

Where chicks will soon be hatching

Their wide mouths anxiously await

Whatever their parents are catching.


The local nursery shelves are filled

With all the brightest blooms

That fill us with inspiration

For our courtyard garden rooms.


At night time in our beautiful home

We fall asleep with ease.

So fortunate to celebrate Spring

At Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

Boomer Song of Spring

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