Boomer Life’s A Breeze

Posted: May, 27, 2021 | Categories: Poems

Grilling with neighbors in our Courtyard


A Boomer Poem, inspired by Summer Breeze, by Seals & Crofts, 1972


How I love it, hangin’ by the window

In the A/C on those summer nights

I see the full moon shining through the window

Unobstructed, it’s so bright


Life’s a breeze, and I feel fine

With this carefree lifestyle that’s all mine

Life’s a breeze, livin’ is fine

Luxury features that I helped design


See the neighbors waving from the sidewalk

As I plant some flowers on my front porch

Invite neighbors to come on up and join me

Conversation with lemonade we pour.


Life’s a breeze, feelin’ so fine

With this carefree lifestyle that’s all mine

Life’s a breeze, livin’ is fine

We left landscape maintenance behind


Throughout this summer

My courtyard’s in bloom

Cicadas abound and they’re buzzing their tune

I love my home, where my neighbors are friends

And we gather here, not a care in the world


Smile as we pour wine in the kitchen

As our dinner sizzles on the grill

Doesn’t matter how long we have lived here

Coming home always brings a little thrill


Life’s a breeze, neighbors are kind

Enjoying this lifestyle all the time

Life’s a breeze, as new friends we find

It’s easy to relax and unwind


Waking up, joy fills my days

As I pursue long dreamed-of activities

Life is good in so many ways

Welcome to Windsong, Where Life’s A Breeze!

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