Baby Boomers Better Than Ever

Posted: September, 15, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

Baby Boomers Better Than Ever


September is Self-Improvement Month, which is great news for Baby Boomers who are seeking new avenues to gain knowledge, boost health, learn new skills, or try a new hobby.

Thankfully, programs abound for those who want to continue their educations for self-enrichment, through programs like Kennesaw State University’s OLLI Program (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute), LINK: which offers classes year ‘round for adults over the age of 50.

Unlike traditional college, these classes provide knowledge in a fun, interactive setting, and you’re not graded on your performance: course offerings are designed for personal enrichment and enjoyment!



With complicated new gadgets and new ways of communicating, it’s likely you’ve joined the ranks of those who have swallowed their pride and called the grandkids over to program your television, set up your computer, or provide lessons in cell phone use.

Whatever your personal technology conundrum, you’ll likely find a course to teach you the basics, including Computer Literacy, Social Media (“For Seasoned Adults”), Blogging, even ways to make everyday Internet surfing and email functions easier.



We’ve all doodled, perhaps dabbled in painting, or tried our hand at photography, and found that creating sketches or sharing photos is fun and fulfilling. Boomers who take photography, drawing, or painting classes often find that their enjoyment is enhanced in proportion with their knowledge – and there is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from hanging your own framed art on an empty wall!



History and Writing are just a few of the courses that sound like a flashback to high school. But Boomers find immense satisfaction in learning about the community or country they live in, or finally putting down on paper their memoirs or a story or poem that has rattled around in their minds for decades.

Special interest classes also enhance social interactions, with courses on Mah Jongg, Bridge, even Genealogy.


Health & Wellness

Staying fit doesn’t have to mean joining a gym or going for a run. Classes such as Yoga, Tai-Chi/Qigong, Kickboxing, Line Dancing, Belly Dancing, and Pilates help Boomers build and maintain strength, improve balance, and reduce stress. An added bonus: they’re fun!


Just as KSU’s OLLI Program is designed specifically for Boomers, so are Windsong homes and communities. Stepless entryways, well-appointed kitchens, an abundance of natural light, and low-maintenance features offer “right-sizing” opportunities without sacrificing elegance. Plus, secondary bedrooms and bonus rooms provide the perfect studio for you to practice your new-found skills!

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