Active Adult’s Revered Home

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Active Adult’s Revered Home

An Independence Day Poem inspired by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Listen, grandchildren, and you shall hear

Of the right-size quest that brought me here,

On this fortuitous day in Two Thousand Eighteen

Not too big, nor too small, but Just Right in between,

Is this home to which you live so near.


We said to our friends, “our old house is too huge

And it’s become such a chore to maintain.

We want to live in rooms that we’ll use

And to spend time with you once again.”


So we readied our house and put it up for sale

And set out to find just the right place

We were looking for comfort that was also upscale:

A one-story, luxury living space.


We asked for suggestions and searched all the ads

And, alas, it was not hard to find;

I’m telling you now, my dear lasses and lads,

We were moving, we’d made up our minds!


We kept hearing of Windsong, a builder of fine homes

In the places we wanted to be

We drove through it in daylight, as well as in gloam

And they were attractive to your grandma and me.


So we went the next morning to see the inside

We had several communities to explore.

But the folks we talked to helped us to decide

On our floorplan, finishes, and more.


We were able to choose cabinets and counter tops, too,

As well as the flooring and paint,

And they answered our questions (which were not very few);

They were pleasant, we have no complaints.


We met all the folks who were on our building team

Who explained in detail the process,

Then they built for us the home of our dreams,

And I’ll tell you I’m more than impressed.


We’ve met neighbors while strolling the sidewalks

And although everyone has their own reason,

We’ve found out from the people with whom we talk

They enjoy living here, no matter the season.


Now it’s summer time, and we love our new lifestyle;

We’ve made friends and can travel when we please.

We know now why they say with a big smile,

Welcome to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

Active Adult’s Revered Home

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