Active Adults Make Good Neighbors

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Active Adults Make Good Neighbors


An Active Adult Poem, in honor of National Good Neighbor Day, September 28


I walked outside this morning

And a neighbor waved hello

Walking along the sidewalk

And asked if I wanted to go


So I smiled and joined my neighbor

On this morning’s impromptu walk

And of course the neighborly thing to do

While we’re strolling, is to talk


Our community is fairly new

Meeting people is exciting

We talked about the supper club

And a recent heron sighting


Another neighbor joined us

As we continued down the street

This person led the garden club

And was someone I’d wanted to meet


Each one of us had moved here

Because the kids had left the nest

And we sought a single-story home

With plenty of room for guests


We also wanted luxury

“Down-sizing” was a word to dread

But here our heirloom pieces fit

And our spacious king-size bed


The kitchen feels so open

I can cook and watch TV

And when we have folks over

I don’t miss any of the party


The landscape is taken care of

So I do not need a mower

But I indulge my inner gardener

In the courtyard with my flowers


We strolled down to the clubhouse

And opened up the door

We were just three friendly neighbors

Who inside met several more


An afternoon discussion

About this community of ours

Became an impromptu party

That lasted several hours


Our homes are well-constructed

And the designs are just superb

But the appeal of homes at Windsong

Goes much farther than the curb


It’s more than bricks and mortar

Green lawns and shrubs and trees

Friendships are part of the design

At Windsong, Where Life’s A Breeze!

Active Adults Make Good Neighbors

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