Active Adults Make Excellent Neighbors

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Friends gathering at the clubhouse


A Boomer Poem, inspired by Good Neighbor Day, September 28, 2019


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

These words precede a smile

Spoken with a gentle voice

Who invited us to stay for a while.


Perhaps that’s the idyllic goal

For the lives we aspire to live

A community becomes a neighborhood

When a smile is something we give.


Neighborliness goes beyond that, though

It includes people who interact

Who treat their neighbors with respect

And in turn are respected right back.


It’s beyond a matter of geography -

A kinship brought on by address

Being a neighbor invites conversations

Part of the building-friendships process.


Neighbors have something in common

A reason for the homes that they choose

The desire for something beautiful

When they found the right place, they just knew.


It goes beyond roofs and front porches

Beyond cabinets, windows, and floors

The feeling of Home is intangible

It’s the buildings, the people, and more.


Sure, every house has some things in common

They’ve been built from things we can touch

But the people are what build a neighborhood

With their hobbies and choices and such.


That’s why the fourth Sunday in September

We celebrate Good Neighbor Day

Wrapping up the month of being our best selves

With the people who help make us that way.


Good neighbors are truly good fortune

Part of living with joy and with ease

They’re the heart of every home built

By Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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