Active Adults “Jam” Against the “Chiller”

Posted: October, 27, 2021 | Categories: Poems

Couple staying warm inside watching a movie with popcorn


A Halloween Boomer Poem, inspired by “Thriller,” by Michael Jackson


Almost November

Before 7 pm it’s getting dark

The chilly moonlight

You’re under blankets or a heavy sark

You can’t get warm

Unless you give in and turn on your heater

So you resign, and tap it up to just past 65, and then you sigh…

It’s time for ChillerChilly nights

They make you stay at home and close the windows all up tight

Yes it’s a Chiller – Chilly night

Maybe you’ll have to have soup tonight…


You hear the wind howl

And rattle leaves just outside your front door

You make some popcorn

Decide a movie’s on your plan for sure

You dim the lights

Glad that you’re snuggled in your favorite sweater

All through the night, you’re grateful that you’re cozy all the time

Your home’s sublime


It’s time for Chiller – Chilly nights

They make you stay at home and close the windows all up tight

Yes, it’s a Chiller – Chilly nights

Turn the temp up, temp up, temp up tonight…


Darkness comes so early now

It’s time to hibernate you vow

Neighbors emerge wearing coats

When they stroll through the neighborhood

And whosoever ventures out

Winds up with rosy cheeks and snout

They shiver as they get the mail

Return for coffee without fail


The crisp smell of fall is in the air

The whiff of forty thousand leaves

People and pets walk down the street

With coats on bodies and close-toed feet

And though you crave a walk outside

Your body starts to shiver

Thank goodness Windsong homes are made

To protect you from the Chiller!


Welcome to Windsong, Where Life’s a (warm) Breeze!

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