Active Adults Don’t Need a Reason to Celebrate

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Active Adults Don’t Need a Reason to Celebrate


A Boomer Poem, Inspired by “Older Americans Month”


It seems like just yesterday

When it was the first week in May

With a whole celebration

Of Boomer designation

And suggestions to live, work, and play.


First, we were encouraged to CONNECT

Through ways you might not expect

Like adopting a pet

Getting your hearing checked

Or taking classes, new skills to perfect.


For fun, the next week was CREATE,

To nurture this sometimes-elusive trait

You don’t have to be “arty”

Just create a dinner party!

Make something from nothing – don’t wait!


The last of the themes is CONTRIBUTE

Which encourages us to distribute

That stuff we’ve amassed

Like knowledge (or cash)

And to our communities pay tribute.


But May will be leaving us soon

As she ushers in the summer month of June

We’ll still CONNECT and CREATE,

CONTRIBUTE and cultivate

Experiences with which we’re now in tune.


At Windsong, we belong to a niche,

A special community in which

We have neighbors who are friends

With shared life experience

And our knowledge is used to enrich...


The communities where life’s lived with ease

With courtyards filled with flowers and trees

Homes thoughtfully designed

With our best lives in mind:

At Windsong, Where Life’s A Breeze!

Active Adults Don’t Need a Reason to Celebrate

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