Active Adults Design Their Ideal Lives

Posted: May, 15, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

Try your hand at taking a painting class

As an Active Adult, stepping into the lifestyle you've always envisioned is thrilling yet somewhat daunting:

Once you've right-sized your living space, the next question is how to reinvent your life now that you're either working less or fully retired, with less house to manage.

Now's the time to recall those passions you shelved for "when you have time." Were you keen on painting, gardening, writing, singing, or acting?

For a little inspiration on what it means to create, consider spending time with your grandchildren, exploring a park, or helping out at a local school. Observe the pure delight children show as they transform their imaginations into reality. Alternatively, think back to your own childhood favorites and give them another go.

Creation, by its very definition, involves "bringing something into existence through one's own efforts." And while creativity means "utilizing original ideas or imagination," it doesn't preclude you from joining groups or classes to deepen your knowledge and connect with others who share your interests.

Try your hand at creating a new piece of art for your living space, sewing decorative cushions or curtains, attending a welding class to craft a sculpture, or learning about horticulture to enhance your garden and use your own produce in your cooking.

If manual crafts aren't your preference, consider forming a book, bridge, or movie club, organizing a golf group, or starting a dinner club that gathers monthly at the community clubhouse. The possibilities for creativity are endless!

And your right-sized home in one of our award-winning Windsong communities is the perfect place to indulge your creative-self. After all, we’ve created each of our homes and neighborhoods with you in mind.

Active Adults Design Their Ideal Lives

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