Active Adults and the new Hands-Free Law in Georgia

Posted: July, 10, 2018 | Categories: News

Active Adults and the new Hands-Free Law in Georgia


July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month, and it coincides with the new Hands-Free Law, which took effect on July 1 in Georgia, so we will take this opportunity to share some of the laws and courtesy practices associated with hand-held electronics and cellular devices:


Hands-Free Law

House Bill 673 went into effect on Sunday, July 1, making it illegal to hold one’s phone while operating a motor vehicle.



  • Holding – or touching with any part of one’s body – a wireless device or stand-alone electronic device (such as a tablet, iPod, etc.), while driving a motor vehicle.
  • Writing, reading, or sending any text-based communication (such as text message, instant message, email, social media post, or other Internet-based text communication), while driving.
  • Watching a video or movie while driving (including at stop signs or traffic lights).
  • Recording a video while driving.



  • Using navigation data related to the operation of the vehicle (maps, GPS).
  • Speaking or texting with hands-free technology.
  • Wearing or using a smart watch.
  • Conducting a phone conversation while wearing an earpiece.
  • Using the radio, CB radio, subscription-based emergency communication system, or prescribed medical device system.
  • Reporting an accident, medical emergency, crime, or hazardous condition.
  • Using your device while legally parked (on the shoulder or a roadway, in a parking lot, etc., with the car in PARK). This does NOT include stopping at a stop sign or traffic light, or “sitting still” in heavy traffic.



  • $50 first offense
  • $100 second offense
  • $150 third offense, with 1-3 points added


Cell Phone Etiquette

In addition to the new law, cell phone users are considered more courteous when they practice the following:

  • Keep cell phones out of sight when at a meeting, gathering, or during a meal.
  • Silence cell phones during meetings, gatherings, meals, movies, and other events during which a cell phone would be considered a distraction.
  • Employ the “10-foot Rule” when taking a call in public, moving at least ten feet from windows, entrances/exits to buildings, or places where business is being conducted, such as a bank window, pharmacy counter, or retail check-out lane.
  • Refrain from engaging in confidential conversations in public places.
  • Consider the comfort and safety of others when conducting cell phone conversations in public.


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Active Adults and the new Hands-Free Law in Georgia

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