A Winter Week at Home – A Boomer Poem

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A Winter Week at Home – A Boomer Poem

A Winter Week at Home – A Boomer Poem


The weather in Georgia, some folks say,

Is unpredictable from day to day.

In January this is mostly true

The day starts cloudy

But ends with skies of blue.


During Monday’s stroll through the neighborhood,

I wear a sweater without a hood.

The birds flit and fly

Enjoying the sun

And the cloudless bright blue sky.


The forecast for Tuesday is dire, it seems

Or so the weather folks have us believe.

Snow flurries perhaps,

Or ice and cold temps.

To the couch for a winter’s day nap!


Wednesday’s temperature won’t top thirty-two

And ice and frost fill my window view.

So I think I’ll stay put

With a fire and a book

And maybe a fresh bowl of soup.


On Thursday it’s said that the sun will return

(Panicked bread-and-milk shoppers may never learn!)

Whatever snow we saw

Will be gone with the day

As we prepare for a springtime thaw.


On Friday when the calendar turns over a new page

February begins as January fades.

The ground is still hard

As I poke around outside

And plan the garden in my private courtyard.


Saturday and Sunday the weather will be mild

As I venture out to spend time with my grandchild.

Leaving winter behind

At least for a moment

I’ve better things on my mind!


No matter the weather, be it rain, sun, cold, or warm,

I know in my house I’m safe from any storm.

Happy as you please

Here at Windsong-

Where Life’s A Breeze!

A Winter Week at Home – A Boomer Poem

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