A Few of a Boomer’s Life-altering Things

Posted: October, 26, 2022 | Categories: Poems

Right-sizing into a cozy home that fits your lifestyle.


A Boomer Poem


I looked around one day and I discovered

Rooms I used rarely were drab and dust-covered

Kids had moved out, my home’s too big for me

This was the first of life-altering things.


Years of the things that we’d once thought as treasures

“Kondo-ing” tips showed they don’t bring me pleasure

I need to right-size to a home right for me:

Second step in my life-altering things.


I want a change. Where can I go, so I feel carefree?

In the midst of all these life-altering things

can I find what inspires me?


Hired a consultant to pore through my possessions

Things I once loved, but no more my obsessions

Donating what others can use more than me:

The third step in my life-altering things.


With house on the market, my next step was daunting

I didn’t know how I’d find the home I was wanting

A place on one level, with Boomers like me:

Had someone made easy this life-altering thing?


First on my list was to find friendly neighbors

Second, that yard work wasn’t one of my labors

And no compromises, just what’s right for me

I didn’t want it to feel too life-altering.


I heard about Windsong and their homes on one level

Where hobbies existed in which I could revel

Where neighbors were friendly – that’s my cup of tea!

Maybe I’ll like all this life-altering…


I went there to visit and was so warmly greeted

Met folks as in the cozy model home I was seated

Felt like I lived there, it’s where I belonged

Life-altering’s easy when you visit Windsong!


Looked through the model home, made my decision

Got to know those who built my new home with precision

Joined a book club, a walking group, and met my new friends.

Life-changing’s easy when the fun never ends.


Now it’s October, and the leaves are all falling

It’s been some time since my life-changes were calling

My home suits my lifestyle, I feel so at ease

Welcome to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!


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