Active Adults Design Their Ideal Lives

Posted On: May, 15, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

As an Active Adult, stepping into the lifestyle you've always envisioned is thrilling yet somewhat daunting:

Once you've right-sized your living space, the next question is how to reinvent your life now that you're either working less or fully retired, with less house to manage.

Now's the time to recall those passions you shelved for "when you have time." Were you keen on painting, gardening, writing, singing, or acting?

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Local Spring Activities: Farmer’s Markets

Posted On: April, 4, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

In spring, specifically April and May, Windsong communities are graced with the opening of local, seasonal farmer's markets. These markets aren't just about buying fresh produce; they're an integral part of our communities. Offering superior tastes, nutritional values, and freshness, they also champion environmental sustainability, bolster the local economy, and encourage community interaction.

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Luxury and Comfort for Years to Come

Posted On: March, 22, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

In your search for the perfect home, it's important to factor in your current lifestyle while also planning for the future. Importantly, opting for an accessible home doesn't mean compromising on luxury, convenience, or any of your other non-negotiables. Selecting a ranch-style home with amenities that cater to both your immediate and future needs can ensure a safe, independent, and comfortable living space for many years.

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Begin the Journey of Living Your Dream Today

Posted On: March, 14, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

Today is the perfect day for a drive, whether you're soaking in the sunshine or trying to forget that the skies have been gray and dreary lately. In your quest for adventure or inspiration, you find yourself exploring a model home in a Windsong community.

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Celebrating Signs of Spring

Posted On: February, 15, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

February is not typically a warm month in Georgia, but there certainly have been enough teaser days (like this past Saturday, and the forecast of several days this week) with sunshine and temperatures tipping past 60 degrees, that makes us turn our attentions toward seed catalogs and gardening centers.

While it’s tempting to don the gardening gloves in anticipation, it’s too early to actually plant anything yet. The last frost date for our area is April 3 (Marietta) to April 17 (Cartersville), so right now the ground has not had a chance to warm sufficiently to protect seeds or seedlings when temperatures plummet.

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How SWEET It Is to Live Your Best Life

Posted On: January, 29, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

If you think back to dreams and aspirations you had throughout your life, you may notice that some things were consistent throughout, while others developed or adapted over time.

Perhaps you enjoyed certain activities in school that followed you into adulthood and may have influenced your career. Maybe your children or grandchildren introduced you to trends in games or music or activities that you can’t imagine living without.

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There IS a Cure for the January Blues

Posted On: January, 25, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

It was 1958 when singer-songwriter Eddie Cochran released a song he wrote entitled, “Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues,” about a teenager who was fed up with the demands of his parents, his boss, even his congressman, while the youth was just trying to enjoy his summer.

The song was later performed at Leeds by The Who, in 1970. And in 2009, country singer Alan Jackson recorded it again.

Well, there’s no song about the January blues, but the affliction is one many folks wrestle with as daylight hours are short, weather is cold and unforgiving, and the hubbub and hustle of the holidays are behind us.

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Warm Up This Week With Traditional Southern Cookin’

Posted On: January, 17, 2024 | Categories: Uncategorized

Watching the weather reports for the rest of the country, we shouldn’t complain about the dip in temperatures (more than a dip – it’s a plunge!) here in Georgia this week. Thankfully, by next week, this plunge will be a memory for those of us here in the South.

Southerners have some tasty ways to forget the weather outside, with warm, wonderful meals that will make your mouth water just reading about them.

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2024 Design Trends To Think About

Posted On: December, 22, 2023 | Categories: Uncategorized

Whether you have already purchased (and are living in) your Windsong home, or you have chosen your plan and are making choices of colors and finishes during the building process, some of the predictions that top Southern designers have made for 2024 might help influence your choices.

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Holiday Traditions Around the World

Posted On: December, 20, 2023 | Categories: Uncategorized

Holidays are steeped in traditions, but some of them vary depending on where you live, where your ancestors hail from, and how much you enjoy following trends.

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